We are so excited that you are wanting to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. If you haven't already connected with us by filling out a Connect Card on Sunday, we would love to hear from you and support you in any way we can! Head to our Get Connected page and send us a quick message about your decision to follow Jesus or other questions you might have! 

Below are a few resources to help you grow in your understanding of a few of the basics (prayer, the Bible, etc) of following Jesus:

6 Steps for New Believers - This is a short resources that offers 6 next steps for you once you start following Jesus. 

Teach Me to Pray! - This is a short resource on some basics of prayer. People often make prayer way more complicated than it needs to be, using the Lord's Prayer, this will help guide you as you start praying.

Basics of the Bible - We believe that Bible isn't just an old history book, but a gift from God to us. It teaches us, encourages, challenges us, and helps us know God more. This is short resource that helps explain some of the basics of the Bible. 

We would also encourage you to get connected into a Connect Group. For more information about what they are and when they are happening, head over to Connect Groups page.